Whipp Speaker | 3D Form

  • For form class, we designed a bluetooth speaker - I explored a form that deviates from typical circular or rectangular motifs, taking a more decorative approach instead. From a doodle that resembled a cartoon beehive, it transitioned into a ribbon, eventually becoming Whipp (like whipped cream!). I then chose for audio output locations to sit within the curves in an alternating manner.

    Whipp directs sound differently depending on how it lays, and displays its more decorative, grille-free side with a simple rotation. It charges wirelessly, and has a touch-sensing power button on the bottom. I think it would be fun to juxtapose a white and a brown version, since color alone can completely sway our interpretation of the form.

  • During the finishing process, it was most difficult to sand, spackle and spray paint the small crevices for a smooth, even surface. That was most likely because the model is quite small - I would scale it up if I were to do it again.