Pool Day Lego Instructions | Digital Design

  • For my digital drawing class, we were told to build a lego object and make a set of instructions for it using Illustrator. I had never built anything with legos before, so it was quite exciting to crawl and search through all the pieces my professor had scattered on the floor for us. My plan was to build a chimpanzee with its arms up, but I couldn't find a good tail piece, so I reimagined it into a swimming child. When the drawings were complete, I arranged them into a booklet format and added a logo that toys with the original Lego logo, and my name.

    The most tedious part was ensuring the ellipses were drawn in correct perspective. They only changed subtly as they receded, but I would often go overboard modifying them. On the other hand, I loved giving the object context and working on presentation.​​​​​​​

  • Below: the rough plan and layout of each step, sketched before I moved into Illustrator, and a printed booklet sample.