Hand Rendering Collection | Design Drawing

  • This is my collection of hand rendering projects from Design Drawing class. Each final board is accompanied by concept sketches, refinement and underlays. 

    BeeBright was created for the 2-hour final with flashlight as the design prompt. Timing was a challenge because i was used to spending one to two weeks on a project (like the ones you'll see further down), but it forced me not to overthink, to make quick decisions, and commit to an idea. This ended up being one of my proudest pieces from this class.

  • For the Exploded View project, I deconstructed a Baymax action figure. Perspective and presentation were the biggest challenge - I ended up drawing each component of the figure in estimated perspective, then arranging the components digitally, before completing the rest by hand.

  • For the Insect Machine project, I designed the Bod-Debugger, which receives and transmits health data. I enjoyed developing the finer details and telling its story, but as with any pure-line drawing from this class, tracing the underlay was stressful. Maintaining precision without error was the biggest challenge (also a hurdle for Baymax, above). 

  • This project combined designing a logo and practicing rendering different materials in marker. Shiny materials are my favourite to render, but in giving less attention to matte materials, I am also less confident rendering them. I definitely aim to practice more with them.

  • The Brightscraper was produced for the Ice Scraper project. Being from Hong Kong (a subtropical region), I had never needed to use an ice scraper before, so some extra hands-on research was needed to understand them better. Before ideation, we drew plastic scrapers for rendering practice, so I challenged myself to render matte materials for the final board. In the end, I still wasn't too convinced by the outcome - I definitely need more practice there.