Personal Project Sketchbook | Ideation

  • This sketchbook shows my ideation for a variety of projects I worked since the summer of 2018. Projects include logo and collateral design for Borakai, a hypothetical outdoor water gear brand, a way-finding system for the Charles River Bike Path in Boston, icon design for a self-discovery/journaling app called "Me", the logo for Genemix (my father's cement mixing company) and H Space (an interior design/property leasing group in Hong Kong), and a personal product design project for elderly stroke survivors who reside in Hong Kong.

    Borakai - this project was for an Intermediate Graphic Design summer course at Tufts University in 2018. Students conceived their own outdoor/active outfitting company, and created the brand identity for it. I came up with an outdoor water gear brand.

  • Charles River Bike Path - this project was completed for the same Tufts University summer course. Students developed a logo and way-finding system for the path, where the visual direction for each student was determined by random assignment of an architectural and a graphic style. I had Hector Guimard's Paris Metropolitan Entrances (1905), and the WNBA League Branding by the Original Champions of Design (2013).

  • Me - a friend of mine wanted to develop a self-discovery app that would put a spin on journaling and encourage deeper understanding of the self through a daily shuffle of thought-provoking questions, an integrated platform for outreach and conversation with other users, and an interface that facilitates achieving personal goals with the help of progress tracking. I was asked to design the visual identity of the app.

  • Genemix - my father asked me to design a logo for his cement mixing company. I drew inspiration from various cement mixing and application tools.

  • H Space - an interior design and property leasing group in Hong Kong asked me to generate logo concepts for one of their multi-purpose function spaces. The second page of sketches is my exploration based on their original vision.

  • Elderly Stroke Survivor Project - I did some volunteer work with elderly stroke survivors in Hong Kong last summer, and after conducting some home visits, speaking with physiotherapists and occupational therapists, and observing their exercise sessions, I thought it would be meaningful and fun to develop products that help to improve their independence in daily life, especially given their drastic living conditions. I'm currently working on this as an independent study at RIT. The first two pages were from the summer, while the ones thereafter were done this semester (Spring 2019).