Photo Gallery - Special Olympics 2019

  • New York Special Olympic is an opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities to enjoy the sports games. As a part of Journalist team, I capture these beautiful moment of people who attend this Event. 
  • This is the second year Ryan attend the Special olympic. He really love Alpine Skiing and has been skiing for 23 years.
  • Photographers are going to start interview.
  • Andrew has been skiing since he was three. Andrew's father, who has been skiing for 53 years, is really helpful in Andrew's life and also in skiing and he believed that Andrew is the fastest athletics.
  • Alex is a volunteer in this Special Olympic. He loves skiing and he is pleasure to be in part of the Special Olympic.

  • I really enjoy shooting in the Special Olympic. It is nice to see how passionate those athletes working hard to achieve their goals. Those energetic energies resonate me a lot. I wish everyone can have fun in this long winter in New York.

    Credit: Magree Wang --- Interviewer