Virtual Reality Interfaces for Product Design

  • Tridimensional representation of the design environment and tools
  • The approach
    and research behind it
  • This tridimensional design environment and tools approach is based on human cognition research. As well as research on interaction design and virtual reality guidelines.
  • Tools in their hands
  • By exploring the capabilities of bringing quick access tools to the designer's hand, the recurring user would have an improved experience. This can be done by relying solely on hand tracking technologies, which are enhancing day to day.

    Based on the entity the user is selecting, they will have access to the most common action tools for the case.
  • Quick-tools & Launcher 
  • Gestures are intended to complement the tools, like they do on our mobile phones, trackpads, and Mixed Reality tools. They are not meant to replace every tool, and Graphical User Interface. 

    There is no need for the user to recall all the tools and gestures. They can have the tools they use the most within reach, helping them create an individualized workspace.
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