Masterclass on Bladder Cancer 2019 Video

  • ATLAS Studios artists Iman Carr and Hannah Bryce Ely, collaborated on the visual design assets and content for promotion of the Masterclass on Bladder Cancer. As the lead animator, Iman Carr was responsible for creating the digital design materials, such as, the animation,and social media posts. As the lead illustrator, ​​Hannah Bryce Ely was responsible for all the printed design materials, such as, flyers, certificates, ID's and invitations.
  • Audience: Urologists, Residents and Fellows
    Client: Dr. Khurshid Guru
    Adobe Illustrator CC
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    Adobe Audition CC

    ​Date: May 2019
  • Digital Design Concepts
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  • The Masterclass on Bladder Cancer is designed for urologists and urology trainees to advance their understanding of clinical bladder cancer management. This includes technical tips and tricks for robot-assisted radical cystectomy from experts in the field, as well as different techniques for intra-corporal urinary diversion and non-surgical treatments.

    During these two days, you will explore the role of immunotherapy in bladder cancer treatment, the role of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, how to deal with challenging variations in histology, proper perioperative preparation for best outcomes, techniques of cystectomy and intracorporal urinary diversion, principles of uretero-ileal and urethra-neobladder anastomosis, and the best ways to deal with intraoperative complications. You will also learn from watching a live surgery with commentary and open discussion.

    The Masterclass on Bladder Cancer has been approved for up to 12 hours of CME credit. Register today to learn technical tips and tricks for robot-assisted radical cystectomy from experts like @KhurshidGuru, @bbmdmsk, and more @RoswellPark!

    To learn more or register, please visit: