Immunotherapy to Enhance Your Own Immune System Video

  • We aimed to create a "graphical mini-story" that would explain the research of Immunotherapy expert, Dr. Pawel Kalinski's (P01 on the modulation of chemokine production in cancer and to the P01 on the role of PGE2 in Bladder Cancer) that would target patients possibly interested in participating in the relevant clinical trials.

    In collaboration with ATLAS Studios Yana Hammond, Iman Carr and Hannah Bryce Ely, co-wrote, storyboarded, and designed the visual assets. As the lead animator, Iman Carr was responsible for the animatic, animation and most of the character animation.​​​​​​​ As the art director, Yana Hammond artwork and style served as inspiration for the scientific illustrations.  Hannah Bryce Ely, developed the 3D assets and the environment art.
  • Audience: Educated Lay Audience
    Client: Dr. Pawel Kalinski​​​​​​​
    Date: January, 2019
  • Storyboards
  • Design Concepts

  • Character Animations

  • Animation