Vox Almanac: Baby Cages

  • Got to collaborate with the very talented crew at Vox Media for a new episode of Vox Almanac titled: Baby cages. Weird, right?
    I got to work with Vox’s mega talented art director and animator Dion Lee to design and animate this quirky-funny-yet disturbing piece.
  • The main challenge was how to take historic images and make them “playful” and visually attractive without loosing the information.
  •  I started playing around with the idea of the collage. These are the boards at their earliest stage. Some of these changed to go with the audio and to help support the information at its best.
  • Some pieces that never got to see the light! heh!
  • Credits: 
    Video by: Phil Edwards
    Animation: Carolina Lopez Corominas (Caro) & Dion Lee
    Story Editor: Bridgett Henwood
    Art Director: Dion Lee
    Footage: British Pathe
    Getty Images
    Library of Congress