IDO 2012 - Aging in the City

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  • The Silver Linings Team
  • user research and problem mapping
  • All of the IDO 2012 participants
  • The International Design Opportunity (IDO) workshop is a program organized by the School of Design at
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in partnership with the Technical University Delft in the Netherlands.  Every year four students from numerous universities from around the world are selected to participate.
    In 2012 the theme was 'Aging in the City' and focused on solving problems related to one of two corporate sponsors, The Link (specificly their shopping malls) or Hong Kong's MTR subway service.  
    The final solution was a series of modules within the mall that allowed for elderly people to exhibit their skills, goods, or services.  This created value for mall stakeholders.  It instilled a sense of fulfillment in the elderly participants, and provided a greater understanding of the value the elderly bring to their society in mall goers viewing the project.